We are happy to answer any inquiries on available @Schoenweg kittens

We are happy to answer any inquiries on available @Schoenweg kittens.
Overseas enquiries welcome too!

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Our Best Wishes and congartulations to our Ex-Kitten Schoenweg Trinity Schatz and his happy owner Katharina Hajdarschin

Now  Schoenweg Trinity  awarded  GR.INT.CHAMPION title and BEST in Variety in Germany

Thanks  to Katharina for the nice update and pictures !

On the Eve of coming NEW 2016 Year

Wishing You all a Beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of peace and happiness.
May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter
  and You may feel the same happiness like that

Good news! our "british shorthair " boy- kitten will travel soon to Great Britain

This kitten is my  favorite for the moment !
He has  special charakter and cute face .
Now Schönweg Zephyr together with his beautiful girlfriend Schönweg A  is preparing  for his long jouney to London.
This time  1364 km will be made by car.
Thank you all who  suggested their love and care  for  this  beautiful "teddy- bear" but the choice is already made!

Very soon one of our cat expected to have new babies again,
Please contact us via e- mail  !

We are ready to give him for breeder who has only one -two cats at home.
More pictures and Fotos via E-mail please !

we got greetings from Vancouver ! our kittens safely arrived Thanks Cathy for the picture .

Today our Family got greetings from

Schoenweg Gracie has been shown at  3 shows  in Oslo  and  in Sweden.  She got  her first Champion title ...Judge commented "Wow, she has double-size eyes !" Critiques were excellent .Our  special  Congratulations to  Grete Gillebo

Last greeting from  the far city Juschno-Sachalinsk !
So looks the kitten of my breeding in the third generation at the age 6 months and at his 12 months
Parents Schönweg Mona Lisa  and Schönweg Xavier

Congratulations to his owner Violetta Sazonov for perfect  developed  cat !

Two boy kittens in colourpoint

Parents of  Choko -silver-golden patchwork  litter  "BB"
Schönweg Foxie

Schönweg Xavier

Schönweg Baileys- "Chocolat Luxe" !

Our boy kitten "silver shaded point" Schönweg Winston ( sold)

One Beautiful girl in development

at 6 months Here is  Schoenweg Zarte Zarina ! Beautiful kitten TICA Registered
She  is very light coloured, real chinchilla without ticking hair on her coat because she has no any golden or colourpoint parents or even grandparents in her Pedigree .
The texture of her short hair is crispy not fluffy.
Her big round eyes are changing to emerald green soon.Just look on the picture how the colour playing! Please notice we never use Studio or Photoshop tricks! our pictures made real ! On the second picture you may see how ideal line " forehead to nose" never remember Persian or Exotic Cats one with stop. The nose bridge is not narrow and is straight without hump.Forehead is well visible and round, its not flat or with angle which have the most often golden British shorthair

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