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Schoenweg Alice now lives Spain

New babies have arrived ! There are 6 kittens in this litter . 4 kittens are silver colourpointed ,the colour of tjheir eyes will stay blue ! Average Baby Weight is 120 gramm

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Schönweg Mona Lisa many of her offspring kittens moved from Austria to the USA and other countries so called "coby cats" now well known in multimedia

She is real a British Shorthair Beauty! She has not fluffy fur, but its texture is plush rather than woolly or fluffy, with a firm, "crisp" pile that breaks noticeably over the cat's body as it moves.Exact that any purebred British Shorthair Cat shopuld have! It s sparkling snow-white ,luxurious ! But his most striking feature? its her big deep blue sapphire eyes with perfect black makeup and an even bigger and more wonderful personality.

Schönweg Mona Lisa at her age  6 month old

NEW spring in "Schönweg" and New kittens are here


Schönweg Royal Crystal


Dear  friends we have one Boy kitten with blue eyes available !

  Schoenweg Ezzo Rey was the first time shown at the cats Show in Bucharest!

                               We wish his owner Mihaela  great results !


Our beautiful girl kitten Fluffy Tail just moved to Great Britian

Schoenweg Fluffy Tail  20 weeks old


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