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We're rounding up the cutest, fluffiest black tipped kittens from the May litter. For days when things just aren't going your way, or when you just want a daily dose of adorableness, these kitties will certainly lighten your mood.


Schoenweg Yvette and Ypsilon

First time in the garden makes for any kitten some stress for sure the girls mainly crying and the boys stand it bravely

this week some of our Ex-kittens have their Birthday , and we got congratulations and pictures from some of their happy owners !

Schönweg Nicodemus is celebrating his 1 year Birthday  by gardening with his owner Katy
they live in  Hungary

мультяшки прикольные скачать

Schönweg Faberge is celebrating his 2-Year Birthday in Vienna (Austria)

He feels very nice in  family and is the best friend  to share childrens play!

Thanks to Kseniya , that she let us see the moments of her family life

мультяшки прикольные скачать 
Our Schönweg Latoya is celebrating her 1´st Year Birthday in Turkey
Thanks to Jülide for nice words about our cat and pictures Серпантин

One Boy from Litter Z is available ! His colour is bs11

Our kitten Schönweg Zicory is very special ! Curious, sweet and very trusting !

Schönweg Yvette is already reserved and will travel to UK later

 Now  she is 1 Month old

               5 days                                                                            10 days

Greetings from Tyrol (Austria)

Now  one Our  Schönweg Ex- kittens lives in Alpen , in a little beautiful place called Schwendt.

Thank You Monika and David for " Lots of Love from Trüffel " and adorable spring flowers
which came to us this morning!
You may see your cat here as a baby!

Happy Women s Day in Schoenweg !

I was very pleased to get these spring flowers from Zhanna ! Although there is 1520 km between us ,You managed to make me great surprise ! it was very nice to know that our Ex-kitten Schoenweg Perfect Choice feels good in Your  family ! The Fleurop courier service woked quick and perfect and these frowes came to me from Minsk (Weissrussland) early in the morning.Thank You so much !!!

kitten Schoenweg Windsor is exploring .....

News from London* UK ! We have New Schoenweg Winner ! Congratulations on Imperial Grand Champion and BEsT of Breed Title!

WE got very good news from London!Our best wishes to our Ex-kitten Schoenweg Amazing Anorah and her happy owner Mrs Albena!
Thanks for good care and showing our lovely girl on GCCF Cats Show !

Schoenweg Amazing Anorah ( ns 12 ) was discribed as "A friendly girl , she is a good size and weight.
Quite round head with smooth skull between well set medium sized ears. 
Round green eyes lacking eyeliner, broad straight nose with pink nose leather and outline, rounded muzzle, level bite and good chin.
Nice size and weight , short coat , light tipping , balanced length tail with rounded tip.
Schoenweg Amazing Anorah got a bit better results as her "boy friend" Schoenweg Zlatko Zephyr,who also lives in London in the same family and got titel Grand Champion.

Both are  Winners of Best of  Breed  1st Place

блестяшки для блога Schoenweg Zlatko Zephyr  6 months old before travel to UK