About Chinchilla Cats"Schoenweg" British Shorthair

Dear Cats lover ,Thank You
for visiting our personal @ChinchilaCats@"Schönweg" Blog.
No One can resist the charm of our Purrrfect even-tempered "teddy-bears".
In our cats we try to keep the Special British Shorthair type with wide open eyes, joyfull look and famous" Cheshire Cat smile " ,described in Lewis Carroll book.
These are unique ,unforgettable features which make our kittens and cats easy recognizable among numerous "Chinchila cats"
This special look got special name among the cats breeders "Schoenweg Look ".
Our motto "We dont have Champions Here ,the future Champions Here just born!"
Many "Schoenweg" kittens are already living in New loving homes as companions in different countries of the world ,participating at FIFE, CFA,WCF,TICA Cats Shows as Great Winners.
Our British Shorthair cats are not kept in cages or enclosures, but live as a part of the family.WE wish they live in a new home in the same way.
We lead our hobby breeding work seriously . In oder to keep special "Schönweg Look " and get healthy , joyfull kittens 100% Traditional British Shorthair we use mostly the stud cats which were born here in our own home .
The pedigrees of the kittens usually contain the several different cats of "Schoenweg" lines .
All the cats had been tested for PKD and FeLV negative
and have BLOOD GROUP "A"

According to our 6 year tradition the Blog organised not like any usual Cattery Page and Cats Stores.
Breeding is just my hobby thats why not every kitten is for sale . Some of them stay at home for our own breeding work
Keep up with all the latest news
from @ ChinchillaCats@"Schoenweg".
You may see our cute "Schönweg "kittens, how they growing up in progress and their Cats Career results HERE Right NOW!

P.S. dont forget to have a look on previous "Schönweg" kittens under "OLder Posts " on the bottom of this page.

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We are located in
Carinthia in the South of Austria ( Europe )


Tel 043 435828003


WE HAVE NEW Babies again!

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Our lovely @ Schoewneg Ex -kittens participated in their first Cats Shows with great results

Schoenweg Snow Jolly participated in the International Cats Show in Murmansk on 4-5 January She got CACJ. Excellent 1 --------------------Congratulations to her happy owner Ekaterina Charitonova Snow Jolly as a baby Schoenweg Ophelie Winter in 22-23 December in Omsk and got her first  CAC-es
Congratulations  to her owner Olga Korzhel

___ Schoenweg Ophelie Winter before  moving in new family

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