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Schönweg Kittens Photo Gallery


The first kittens which were born in our in "Schönweg" Cattery

  parents Kashmir Dewbery

and mother Kitty von Burgersruh

The  first adorable  babies were two girl-kittens : Astrid and Alissia .

Schönweg Astrid Weissewolke *meaning white cloud* she was the biggest one and hardly can stay on her paws because of her weight.

at the age 22days  her weight was already 400 gramm

Schönweg Alissia was just a bit smaller,but after the girls start to eat meat they get almost the same weight.

Schönweg Alissia later in her new home ( picture was  made one year later Villa in Vienna) 

 Schönweg Astrid will stay at home and later you may see pictures her lovely kittens

___________________________________________________________________________________ Kittens "B" 2009


WE give our adorable kittens Only in the Best loving families!________________________________________________________________________________

Schönweg Bijou Marlyn (now lives in Russia)

Schönweg Elvin (now lives in Hungary)

Schönweg Florence Cara (lived in cattery Mocscow)

Schönweg Gianino Weiss (was the first silver chinchilla stud cat in Florida USA

and we also get wonderful kittens from him )

Schönweg Cupido ( lives in Austria)

___________________________________________________________________________________ This kitten was named Unikum because he was the first "point" kitten ( Blue eyes) from two silver shaded parents ( with green eyes) He had absolute white coat and very deep blue eyes

(was sold to the breeder from Switzerland . That time they bought two kittens for breeding of my cattery and we havent heard from them anymore , such stories sometimes happened ....

after that we made more strict purchase contract and trying to be informed about lifes and well being all of our ex -kittens)

The mother of that teddy bear with sapphire eyes was my first kitten called Schönweg Astrid

_______________________________________________________________________________ Schönweg Umka Polar Bär at his 6 Months He lives in Austria

Thank you Desiree and Andreas for the nice fotos!

Schönweg Umka - adorable baby !

At home they are always have great company to play with !

As soon as chicken breast on the plate, the kittens all collecting themselves round it !

Yuppie with his new owner ,which arrived to us from Greece !


Such a chuncky cheeks had Schönweg Mona Lisa even as a Baby !


WE give our adorable kittens Only in the Best loving families where they may smile like that...

Sweet in new Home !

Lives in Estland

Lives in Germany

Home Sweet Home!

Black tipps how they make a wonderful shell !

Schönweg Schatz Britney in Slovenia

three pictures from different new homes , its really lovely to see that our ex´kittens

alre living in right homes !

Schönweg Amadeus in Russia

Schönweg Yuppie lives happily in Greece and even goes for a walk !

So called cobby-type body is already well seen at 6 weeks age

......And to be continued .....

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