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Sir N1---Kashmir Dewberry

My second cat was Kashmir.We call him " Kashik " He was not so promising from the beginning but I believed in him as he has "Templegates" gene.

His  head  appeared to be perfect much later
 broad with well-rounded contours looked it now !

  The coat is firm to the touch real shorthair with thick not wooly undercoat His body is a bit more longer then it should be as it has unfortunatulay the most of British Shorthair nowadays. So one of the first aims I wanted to achieve in the cats of my own breeding was coby type body Almost square and very sturdy, short and bull like neck , particularly in males.
You may comapare him with the cat of our breedung  Schönweg Ninochka here

Only  at his age 3 years old Kashmir  starts to look as a real mature British cat!

together with Kitty they help me to start a new breeing line called  "Schönweg" and the great cats were born from these paar in the future! Its our tradition and was a rule before !
Now this rule follows only one cats club that is called  CFA and if you like to registrate  your cats in the CFA Club you need to watch out well.
Do Not mix "golden " cats with "silver "  because the golden must look as a warm red,on the opposite
"silver " should havethe coat with good contrast the  "black tips on the  brightly cold-white" !
Although  I was looking my first cats only with 5 generation silver shaded /chinchilla cats its appeared that some of them still carrying "golden" gene.
Kitty ,my dear one, she was rather small and had the other kind or hair, they were more fluffy.
One the picture Kitty is 8 months old,she was fond of  looking animated cartoons .

In their first litter sired  by Kashmir  there were only two kittens but they were very big round with perfect thick coats ..... and I understood that I m on the right way...
........sometimes  I write Kashmir is  retired. but he is still  the  best one who can make happy any of our female cat in  case the other boys  feel lazy

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