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What to Know before Your get our kitten

           A new kitten can bring a great deal of pleasure
                       and happiness into your life,
They are all playful, curious and mischievous, and you will get endless enjoyment from simply watching them.
All our kittens have TICA Germany registrated Pedigree and Purchase Agreement should be signed

What is Prepayment Deposit ?

Please remember
that Deposit Prepayment that You providing for the Kitten of Your choice
is just a garantee that we hold the kitten  only for You  and  keep the other potential buyers  turned away from purchasing these kittens.
Till we get  the Total amount  All the papers and Kitten itself  stay as a property of the Cattery.

If You purchase the Kitten as a "Pet only " its understand that You will not receive the registration papers for this kitten/cat until the kitten/cat has been spayed/neutered
and proof of such has been presented to Seller.

Buyer has the option of obtaining an international Health certificate or complete blood panel test prior to completion of this sale. This is considered a pre-purchase exam and will be done at the Buyers expense.

The provided Deposit will go towards the total agreed kitten s price.
and it means that the Purchaser agrees to the following:

1)."Schönweg" Cattery requires non-refundable deposit to reserve  kitten.
Once the payment has cleared, we will hold your kittens for you duaring agreed "Holding Time”
2)."Holding Time” will be agreed between the Purchaser and the Breeder individually.
3).When you live in another city or another country You may order the delivery of the chosen kitten with a courier (we will try to find You the best to get Your Dream Kitten).
However, the costs of the delivery , transfer to  the airport or shipping in the price of the kitten
are NOT included.
4). The sale of this kitten will be suspended until the expiration of the ‘Holding Time”.
If the term of the reservation has passed, but your plans have changed and you have decided
not to buy this kitten, the amount of the prepayment is not refundable.

Preparing for the New Kitten

You’ll need supplies to set up a “base camp” for your kitten.
Especially if you have other pets at home, a “safe” room for the kitten is essential.
This can be any a room, such as a spare bedroom or  even bathroom just  for few days could  be used, or even a large dog crate, where the kitten will spend its first days in its new home.
Arrange to collect your kitten on a day when you know you will have plenty of time to devote to settling it in, for example a couple of days over a weekend or during a time when you are not at work and the household is relatively peaceful.
The door to the kitten’s room should remain closed initially, allowing the kitten to exercise within that space when your other cat is not around. The kitten’s food, water, toys the litter tray should stay within his room.Keep the new kitten(cat) and the resident one separated for some days.
Make sure you pay equal attention to both the kittens to avoid jealousy and also to any other animals in the household. Try to play with both together but also spend time with each on their own and have a cuddle with them each. This helps avoid them seeing each other as competition for your affections.
You need to allow them to realise  that the other exists and the best way to do this is with sound and smell.
Wip the cat’s chin and face,body with some material or  brush his hair and then with the same thing wip the other cat.Think that scent  is the first what should  be learnt and accepted by the cats or dogs.
Seeing each other with no physical contact, such as from a slightly cracked opened door or with one of the cats in a carrier or cage for a few minutes only
When they first meet each other, supervision is important.
Cats aren't automatically aggressive towards a newcomer but kittens may still feel the adult urge to make themselves big and impressive or defend their territory or pack (you).
A few hisses and an arched back or two isn't a big problem and some of this could be playful, so just keep watch !Not let them stay alone till you will asure they are both peaceful.
4 step
Make sure that kittens each have their own space and belongings to avoid arguments over food or beds. Place their food and water bowls at different ends of the room or even in different rooms. Provide each with an identical bed and allow them to choose their own, doing the same with the litter box. Make sure there are two of every toy so that there is no serious fighting over any one item.
Once they are used to each other, you can leave to get on with it, just keeping an eye or ear open that the play doesn't turn nasty.
Short Supervised Visits: Brief, highly supervised visits paired with food or treats
Watching their body language is another important part of watching out for problems.
Cats show their anger or fear in their own body language and these signs shouldn't be present when they are simply playing.
 For example, when a kitten is afraid of something, their ears will flatten against the head and they may gaze down from the threat. If they can't run, they may stand or crouch low in preparation of defending themselves. Angry looks similar with a rigid posture, flattened ears and sometimes their fur erected along the back. They may spit or hiss but other times make no sound at all, standing stiffly or crouching low and menacingly.
A happy cat is a relaxed one with ears pointed forward or in the direction of a sound. Paws may be tucked under them if sitting down or out to the side. Whiskers are relaxed and the tail may have a slight curl at the top. This means they are comfortable in their surroundings and don't feel threatened by the other kitten.
Separate the cats at signs of hostilities, or great fear.
Longer ,carefully supervised visits. Mingling under very careful supervision for up to a few hours, before total separation again. Adjust the length of time depending upon whether there are any signs of hostilities or stress
Supervised free mingling except when the people are not home or asleep, so quick intervention can be done if needed. 
 Free Mingling full time when The cats are let together freely all the time when all the above steps have gone well,if they feel not became friendly,it means your should start all the steps from the begining.

 For the new Kitten (Cat) You’ll need:
 litterbox, kitty litter, food (preferably dry and wet food which will be  recomended by us), and bowls (glass or lead-free ceramic are best); toys, bed (a fluffy towel or blanket will work); toys; and a scratching post.

Introduction Your new kitten to other animals

Your kitten should be isolated from other animals at first; but if you have other pets, eventually you’ll want to introduce them. There’s a right way–and many of wrong ways–to accomplish this!

If kitty’s base camp has a door, keep it closed, but allow both the kitten and other pets can sniff at each other under the door. Feed kitten and the other pets on opposite sides of the door, as close  as possible without anyone getting upset or stressed.

It’s also helpful  to exchange bedding of the new kitten and other pets . After that they become familiar with each others’scents .You may also change place. Let the animal(s) to visit the new kitten’s room, at the same time let the new kitten explore the rest of the home.

The introduction process may take several weeks.
 Please do not rush it.
 Let the animals tell you when they’re ready for the next step–usually when all the hissing or growling stops. During this period, give the resident pets a lot of extra love and attention, so they don’t feel like their social status is threatened by the new addition.

When the animals all feel comfortable,  open the door to base camp of the new kitten  just  for a while, and let them  see each other. Or, put the kitten in a carrier and bring it out so the others can see. Please expect that some hissing and growling may occur at each step
It is natural. Do this a few times a day.
If any animal seems hostile or aggressive, go back to the previous step, and proceed more slowly.

If you have a dog, leash it when the kitten is out and about.
Most of the dogs are fine, but occasionally a bouncing, small kitten will trigger the hunting instinct in even the most tolerant dog.
Please understand that you are not fast enough to stop a tragedy, so never allow that situation to occur.
Reward the dog for calm, non-aggressive behavior with plenty of praise and treats; this helps the dog associate the kitten with good things.

For the first few weeks, until you are confident in all the animals’ behavior, separate them from the kitten when you are unable to supervise them (when you are out, or sleeping).

Health Warranty   
 warranties the health of said cat/kitten upon pick-up from the Cattery or upon delivery to shipping facility for a period of seventy-two 72 hours. 
We recommend that you take the cat/kitten to your own veterinarian (at Buyer’s expense) within the first 72 hours for your own protection .
If you have other cats, we require that you place the new arrival in quarantine for a minimum of TWO weeks.
(Normal length of quarantine is a minimum of two weeks, but can be as long as thirty (30)days.
 If the cat/kitten is found to have a medical problem (within the 72 hour period only), it must be reported to the Breeder within 24 hours of its discovery. Failure to make this report within this time frame will void this warranty.Exposure to other animals of any species during this time will void this warranty. Failure to get the initial 72-hour veterinary checkup will void any claim for replacement.

Refunds, Replacements and Associated Expenses
There shall be no refunds of holding fee, purchase price, shipping charges or other costs.  There shall be replacement of the cat/kitten only under the circumstances provided below;
  1. If the cat/kitten is found to be in “unsound health” by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours, the cat/kitten shall be returned to Seller and Buyer may request a replacement of another cat/kitten of equal value.  Said replacement will be made as soon as a suitable replacement becomes available.  A medical report signed by the examining veterinarian must be provided to the Seller prior to a replacement being made.  A cat/kitten will be replaced only once.
  2. However, Breeder will NOT replace any cat or kitten that has not received adequate and appropriate care from its new owner.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide immediate veterinary care (at the Buyer’s own expense) to any cat/kitten showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any warranty null and void.  This is especially true for animals undergoing the stress of travel.
  4. Under NO circumstances is a cat or kitten to be destroyed prior to notification by the Buyer to the Breeder
  5. Any cat/kitten, for which the Buyer requests replacement, must be returned to the Breeder (at the Buyer’s expense) so that the identity of the cat/kitten can be verified. “Unsound health” shall be defined as any condition that is “life threatening” or “incurable” and genetic and shall NOT include “curable” conditions or infections including, but not limited to, colds, virus, bacterial infections, parasites, or allergies.
  6. Buyer understands that adoption of said cat/kitten identified herein, means that Buyer agrees to undertake responsibility for future health maintenance of said kitten for the rest of the kitten’s natural life.
  7. Breeder’s health warranty offers a replacement in the event said kitten should die within six (6) months of Buyer’s receipt of kitten, as a direct result of an unknown (at the time of sale) congenital birth defect, or be diagnosed with a terminal genetic defect before six months, wherein the cat dies within the first year of life.  Said cat/kitten will be replaced only if an appropriate necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian’s certificate with full disclosure and a copy of the necropsy report is provided as proof of cause of death.  In addition the veterinarian MUST send a sample of the cat’s DNA AND submit a signed photograph of the cat to for confirmation that the cat IS the same cat covered by this purchase agreement. Trauma, abuse, neglect, failure to obtain adequate veterinary care, failure to provide adequate and sanitary housing, or failure to provide the aforementioned required veterinary documentation, will void the opportunity for replacement.

 THE BUYER assumes responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the cat/kitten after said cat/kitten leaves the possession of the Breeder.  If for any reason the cat/kitten is returned to the Breeder, BUYER agrees to pay all expenses, including delivery or pick-up or shipping costs, etc., and a re-examination expense by Breeder ’s veterinarian.  This examination will include a complete ‘viral panel’ blood test for FELV and FIV viruses.  If cat/kitten is returned to  Breeder for resale on behalf of Buyer, the terms of this resale will be agreed upon separate written agreement.
 Vaccinations:  Your kitten  already treated for internal parasites. 
 Your cat/kitten has also had the required vaccination appropriate to its age, excluding FIP and FELV vaccines.  If you choose to vaccinate for FIP, this will void any warranty as we do not believe the safety and efficacy of this vaccine has been sufficiently proven.  
We do not typically vaccinate with FELV.  However if there are special circumstances in your household and your veterinarian recommends it, it may be done.  It is imperative that you have your veterinarian perform a complete blood panel for exposure to these diseases BEFORE you vaccinate your animal against it.
 If FELV and/or FIP vaccine is given to the cat/kitten at any time, the entire health warranty becomes null and void.   
We are raising healthy, vaccinated and parasite-free kittens for several Years
 To the best of our knowledge, each of our cats/kittens leaves our cattery in good health.
 Buyer may exercise the pre-purchase exam option if desired. 
 Please note blood panels cannot be performed on kittens under four months of age.

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