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Queen N1 ---Unica von Westhausen (retired now)

Unica came to my cattery from Germany
She is very spacial cat and ,as my mother said, the most intelligent May be thats is the reason that she ignores the company of other cats and prefers to live in her own room She has a very light tipping big round eyes which she constantly tries to close duaring the fotoshooting :) She has rather solid weight for a" british lady"-5 kg It took me a lot temptation to wait untill her eyes get the emarald-green colour for a long time they stayed yellow When I almost lost the hope, she made me a great surprise! Unica is a very good and rather strict mother.In each litter she has 5-6 kittens Together with Kashmir they made many kittens which were highly awarded at the various cats shows in different countries Among her ex-kittens is the WCF WORLD CHAMPION Schoenweg Charmants Bonifaz(Russia) , CH Schoenweg Camilla Blanchefleur(Russia), Ch Schoenweg Ganino Weiss (USA) CH Schoenweg Paloma(Germany) and other International champions You may see the her video made on You tube http://youtu.be/j4EfpLQ_vTY
„Unica“ ist eine Traum Katze. Besonders schön sind ihre tollen smaragdgrünen Augen und ihre typvolle Erscheinung. Ihr Wesen ist unglaublich, sie schnurrt schon, wenn man sie nur anschaut und alles, was ihr im Weg steht, wird beschmust.

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