We are happy to answer any inquiries on available @Schoenweg kittens

Our small home based cattery located
in the heart of Europe,
In Austria

We are happy to answer any
Overseas enquiries welcome too!

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INFO to know

Dear Freind !
We treat our kittens like babies at home and ready to sell them only for serious cats lovers.
we also expect to keep  contact and understanding in our future relations with new owner !
The rule "sold and forgotten" is not for US
Thats why I  dont show every available kitten on this Blog

When you like to get one of our "Schoenweg" kittens please write me  E-mail.
We need just some info about You,
----where do You live ?
----which pets do You have already at home?
----how much space  will be given for our kitten ?
----which kind of food you are  going to provide for the kitten ?
Your plans about this kitten
----would you like to have it just as lovely home pet, for breeding
     or you are interested to visit cats  shows and  EXpo our kitten in future ?

You will get detailed Information and Pictures of kittens which I have for adoption Now personally.
I will answer only on serious letters.
Dear friend, because of a great number of mail from different countries sometimes the new e- mails may disappear as "Spam".
Please dont hesitate to write a new mail again , very good when on sevaral e-mails which are written on this Blog
when you will not get my answer in a few days, usually I answer EVERY MAIL within 1-2 days

Please understand why not every kitten is for sale and some kittens apear available for sale later ,
at the age 6 months or even older and its  not because of their "Bad breeding Quality" and the price for such kitten might be even  double higher  but not less!


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