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INFO ABOUT Kittens for sale

Chinchilla Cats "Schoenweg" will be the best choice for You !
Not only because they ;
100% Traditional British Shorthair in most more rare colour variety but because of their spacial personality.Most of our cats get their special temper , they are for INDOOR only Cats because dependong  on their humans . Would like follow you from room to room and often love to "help" you with whatever you happen to be doing. Like to sit on lap very rare, very inquisitive and playful nature. Sometimes the cat picked their special person in the  family and which could  be counted on to be waiting at the door  till he arrives home even at night.

We are always ready to help in Your choice. The breeder and just cats lover are welcome !
Sorry we dont answer on the short mails like this one : " how much ?" or on the mails without initials For us is  very important  that each baby-cat found  not only the right but the best home ,love and caring family  once and for all his life! We never cage our cats and its one of the main conditions in our  purchase agreement.
Real "Dog like" personality makes our cats the most adorable. Their shorthair crispy fur is easy to groom. They are easy-going,have a stable character,very good as indoor-only cats. They are not terribly demanding of attention, though they will let their owner know if they feel like playing . They enjoy mouse type or stick style toys. They are not hyperactive cats like other domestic cats breeds. Our cats have a great pleasure to sit close to their owners and often on them :).
These cats are the best choice for people who works, as they are glad to simply laze around the house while their owner is out. They like attention and enjoy being petted. They are not a very vocal breed but will meow to communicate with their owners, for example when they are hungry and their food is being prepared when they or when they hear their own name. Although we have several cats at home each of them knows his name and like I speak with each personally. British Shorthairs have a tendency to follow people from room to room, as they may want to be with their owner and see what is going on. They like to feel that they are member of the human family.
How to get "Schoenweg " kitten?
Just write us E-mail
with some words about yourself and what are preferable features your dream -kitten should have.
Please let us know if you have other cats or dogs at home.
Shipping worldwide possible.
We have several E-mails in oder your letter reach us for sure
Please mail to:

For people from Russia; may be suitable; this; one
chinchillacat.com-Google pagerank and Worth

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